Innovatus Systems provides custom software solutions by working with you to understand your business needs to build cost effective software solutions. As your business grows, we continue to work with you in providing support in terms of enhancements and maintenance - we will be a partner you can trust.

In addition to custom software solutions, Innovatus Systems has the following products that can readily be tailored to your specific needs:


BuildersCRM is a comprehensive, feature-rich, easy to implement & use, Customer Relationship Management Software from Innovatus Systems, Coimbatore. The software is built after a thorough understanding of the requirements of the Real Estate sector, due to the inputs and guidance from several leading builders.

    Key features include:
  • SM - Sales Management
  • CM - Customer management
  • PM - Project monitoring & BOQ
  • WM - Work flow management
  • MI - Smart phone interface
  • AD - System Administration


BinCRM helps you measure the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns, enhance customer satisfaction, enables prompt after sales service and gives you more time to focus on strategies for business growth.

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