BinCRM is suitable for retail, wholesale and corporate businesses

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business approach that links technology, systems, processes and people to maximize the relations of an organization with its customers.

A CRM system enables the easy and fast access of key customer data. With a CRM such data is transformed as information and used in the various touch points so as to effective decisions for delivering maximum customer satisfaction.

6 times more cost effective reatin customers than signing up new ones 6
7 out of 10 customers will stay back, if their needs are resolved fast 7
65 percent will go away, if we show an indifferent attitude 65%
95 percent will give repeat business, if we contact them regularly 95%

Retail show rooms that sell:

o Electronics appliances

o Sanitary ware, Kitchen, Bathroom fittings

o Home furnishings

o Anyone who deals with walk-in and corporate customers alike

SMEs involved in manufacturing, marketing, installation, after sales service such as:

o UPS (Uninterrupted Power Supply)

o Solar water heaters

o Motor Pumps

o Solar panels for power

o Water treatment plants

o And more…

This list does not end here and BinCRM is useful for any business, who have a number of customers to service and employ sales executives for show-rooms and for field sales.

  • Record Walk-Ins and Prospective clients from any location
  • Configure and manage the Sales Cycle effectively
  • Measure the effectiveness of campaigns, executives and the demand for the products
  • Know who are your customers and target your marketing accordingly
  • Enable a higher conversion rate from a mere ‘Leads’ to ‘Long term clients’
  • Be alerted on Customer needs and resolve them quickly
  • Record Customer responses and ratings on services provided to them

  • Diarize alerts, complaints, follow-ups etc. to have a single view of all customer interactions
  • Get daily MIS as Email
  • GetMe! Search – Google ® like and other advanced search functions
  • Scan Visiting Cards and link to Customer record
  • Automated Emails and SMS
  • Store product brochures and other documents
  • Set follow-ups and convert even those ‘Cold’ leads as ‘Accounts’

  • Be assured of data integrity and confidentiality
  • BinCRM is a 24x7 system and accessible from anywhere, yet secure
  • BinCRM can be adopted to your specific needs
  • BinCRM can be operated by everyone with little training
  • BinCRM is developed on Microsoft ® technology and can work in sync with any ERP or other systems with suitable customisation
  • Supported on Smart devices such as Smart phones, tablets apart from desktop Computers

A leading retailer, could not measure the success of their campaigns and also were not sure if their refurbished show-room is bringing enough business. They were also facing the problem of staff attrition and lack of product knowledge with their staff that led to poor service.

BinCRM changed all that. No more long days for the managers. No more inconsistent information. Lesser customer complaints. Improved after sales service.