Software specially built to benefit property developers, contractors, promoters and architects.

Any software must generate in terms of strategy, efficiency, speed and effectiveness. BuildersCRM addresses all these aspects, quite well.


High visibility
Better decisions
Drive sales bottlenecks
Greater control
Competitive advantage


Track sales
Lower costs
Reduce work load
Improve productivity
Streamline workflow
Reduce outstandings
Manage cash-flow


Meet deadlines
Effective pipeline management
Eliminate repetition & errors
Respond to customer needs


Less training
Uniform look & feel
Seamless interfaces
Merges with existing business processes
Customizable, scalable
Browser based

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a business approach that links technology, systems, processes and people to maximize the relations of an organization with its customers.

A CRM system enables the easy and fast access of key customer data. With a CRM such data is transformed as information and used in the various touch points so as to effective decisions for delivering maximum customer satisfaction.
BuildersCRM is the comprehensive, feature-rich, easy to implement & use, Customer Relationship Management Software from Innovatus Systems, Coimbatore. The software is built after a thorough understanding of the requirements of the Real Estate sector, due to the inputs and guidance from several leading builders.

BuildersCRM will ‘Build Lasting Relationships’ for all and will be an investment to cherish for any one involved with the building of residential and commercial properties.

Promoters, building Contractors, Architects, Project Managers, Consultants and every one else associated with the construction industry, will benefit by choosing to invest in BuildersCRM.
The software has been developed not for technologists but for the end users whose primary focus is their business. BuildersCRM is a product, that ‘Any one can use’ with a little or no training. A user-interface with a similar look and feel, standard options with built-in security enhance the user friendliness of the software.
BuildersCRM is not a software that will burn a hole in one’s pocket. Our clients can choose which module they want to use, pay a one-time license fees or pay a monthly rental. Discuss with us, and you will get a deal that you cannot refuse.


BuildersCRM is modular, making it easy for our clients to choose what they want. The modules are seamlessly interfaced to each other and therefore information flow is smooth across all the modules.

Sales Management Module

This module provides you with all the necessary features and components to manage your sales. Some of the features include:

  • Prospects registration
  • Assign to executive
  • Lead qualification
  • Sales cycle management
  • Sales completion
  • Property inventory
  • Campaigns
  • Campaign success analysis
  • MIS Dashboard
  • Lead Source analysis
  • Performance analysis
  • Duplicate removal
Sales Management

Customer Management Module

This module provides you with all the necessary features and components to manage your customers. Some of the features include:

  • GetME! Quick search
  • Extensive project profile
  • Property inventory management
  • Allotment / Deallotments
  • Customer profile
  • Offer letter
  • Milestones management
  • Demand notes /invoices / Final bill
  • Financial transactions
  • Statement of account
  • Customer interaction diary
  • Alerts / Followups
  • Special requirements management
Customer Management

Project monitoring & BOQ Module

This module provides you with all the necessary features and components to track your project. Some of the features include:

  • Project profile
  • Master list of activities
  • Work break down structure
  • Unlimited expense types
  • Budget & actuals posting per expense type
  • Budget vs actuals comparison
  • Square feet monitor
  • Project progress report
  • Site stock register
  • Material demand notes, items issue
Project monitoring

Workflow management Module

This module provides you with all the necessary features and components to track your project workflow. Some of the features include:

  • Task assignments
  • Task progress notes
  • Email alerts on schedules
  • Broadcast feature
  • Staff performance assessment
Workflow management

Smart phone interface Module

Integrate your application with your smart phone - quick and easy. Some of the features include:

  • Milestone status update
  • Triggers invoicing process
  • Site attendance update
  • Smart photo for site status
  • Material indents
  • Task completion update
  • Customer connect
Smart phone interface

System Administration Module

This module consists of some of the general features that helps you administer your system. Some of the features include:

  • Email and SMS alerts
  • Store scanned documents, plans, photos
  • M.I.S.,Dashboards
  • Advanced search
  • Excel export features
  • Bulk data import from MSExcel ®
  • Sign in with password
  • Secure with full audit trail
  • Microsoft Dot Net, browser based
  • Customizable, scalable
  • Bulk data import from MSExcel ®
  • Seamlessly interfaced independent modules
System Administration