We help you assess, plan, enact and manage your IT strategies aligned with your business needs

Gone are those days, when one can do business without computers! Now, Information Systems and Technology are the vital backbone for every business. Only the levels of implementation vary. For a non technical person, confusion often occurs on which direction to go when investing in hardware and software. A clear I.T.strategy and road map therefore becomes essential for every organisation big or small, to budget and plan ahead.

In another scenario, we find many young start-up entrepreneurs brimming with ideas and passion, trying to make it big, without a clear documented business model. It is all a hit-and-trial approach and therefore not surprising to see more failures than success. The Business Model Canvas is the new tool available, to increase the success rate of the start-ups.

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Advisory services

Be a MENTOR and a guide to the customers who may be business owners or decision makers, or Systems department, all with a common goal – 'To succeed'.

Consultancy services

Work more closely with the customers and provide solutions for implementation. Here our experience in anticipating bottlenecks and providing solutions, will be useful.


Conduct training workshops on building a Business Model Canvas or on building an I.T.Strategy, to groups of entrepreneurs and their nominees.

The consultancy team is made up of senior I.T. professionals, with decades of international experience. They are well reputed for their innovative approach to resolving issues that have resulted in business gains for the customers the world over.

Programme management of large complex software projects, formulating the right I.T.strategy, resolving business problems through sheer innovative ideas, ensuring go-live of new systems solving implementation-blues etc. are some of the strengths.

Business Model Canvas

For start-up entrepreneurs to translate their passion into a workable business model. Business model describes the rationale of how an organisation creates, delivers and captures value. The Canvas is a tool for designing a business model.

IT Strategy

What should be my Information Technology Roadmap? Should I invest in an integrated ERP now or later? These are common doubts for all. We work with our customers to build their I.T.Roadmap, that will serve them for years.

Innovative Solutions

Recognized for out-of-the box thinking, we understand your business issues and can solve them innovatively.

Gap Analysis

If you find that your I.T.Systems are not delivering what was promised, we can study them, identify the gaps and suggest corrective action.

Implementation partner

Implementation and going-live with a new software is always a challenge, despite best intentions. We have the right experience and expertise to ensure all software implementation are successful.

Programme management

Scarcity of in-house resources for your Information Systems? We can offer a turn-key solution, from product selection to going-live.