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Innovatus Systems has been dedicated to delivering innovative software solutions since 2013 to their esteemed clients, many of which are highly reputable multinational corporations.

The fact that we receive repeat orders and referrals from our customers serves as a testament to our commitment to quality work, customer-centric approach, and technical proficiency. We have established business associates in both the USA and South Africa.

Our software not only benefits our customers in India but also in the USA, UAE, and South Africa. While our development center is located in Coimbatore, most of our employees have successfully transitioned to a Work-from-Home model.

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Products & Services

Digital Colour Visualisation

The focus lies in ‘How to paint without a paintbrush?‘ – a blessing for the paint industry, enabling swift order acquisition and contented customers. This is chiefly because colour is a matter that evokes differing opinions among individuals.

Who requires Digital Colour Visualisation? It caters to all those involved in the paint industry, from marketing divisions to dealers, contractors, and influencers. Moreover, the present generation of DIY enthusiasts and womenfolk can select the most suitable colour combination for their interiors or exteriors, all from the comfort of their own homes.

We provide two distinct customisable products, specifically:

  1. ColourWizard – Offering professional visualisation of colour shades for both the exterior and interior of a building.
  2. ColoursGalore – Enabling instantaneous, on-the-spot visualisation without keeping the customer waiting.

Additionally, we offer professional preview services and prepare Softcopy Colour Albums using ColourWizard. Our clientele includes several major multinational corporations and large dealers.

For further details about ColourWizard and ColoursGalore, please visit www.colourwizard.in

Facial Recognition Systems

Facial recognition-based software serves attendance and various other functions, catering to the requirements at both remote construction sites and corporate offices. It has demonstrated its efficacy in challenging site conditions and has garnered a satisfied customer base across different regions worldwide.

SmartFace operates seamlessly in both online and offline modes, eliminating the necessity for any specialised hardware. A simple smartphone suffices, resulting in no additional costs. Moreover, it can be tailored to meet specific needs. The software adheres to industry standard protocols, ensuring comprehensive security measures.

Several practical applications include monitoring corporate executives’ attendance, tracking labour attendance, facilitating employee information kiosks, and enabling user sign-in authentication.

For further insights into SmartFace, please visit www.smartfaceme.com.

Intelligent Document Processing

A vital tool for accounting services and audit firms, as well as for those dealing with legacy systems, who often grapple with time-consuming data entry tasks that can be prone to errors.

What might typically require hours of data entry is accomplished without any errors in a matter of seconds. This not only optimises resource utilisation and enables timely reporting but also eliminates the occurrence of errors and repetitive tasks.

SmartReader software can extract pertinent information from incoming PDF documents, verify it, and seamlessly integrate it into their client management systems.

We provide support for both standard PDF and JPG to PDF documents.

Other Services

CRM systems for the Paint Industry: Connecting Painters, Dealers, Sales Teams, and Field Executives’ Management.

Customisable apps that enhance efficiency and transparency in the day-to-day operations of companies, engaging field staff.

MIS dashboards: Transforming data into valuable information for effective decision-making.

APIs and Special Interfaces: Facilitating seamless and secure data exchange between various software platforms.

Software development services customised to your specific needs, due to our rich experience across several domains.